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  • Product No.: 2019424959
  • Material: Glass
  • Color: RGB/RGBW/WW/CW/R/G/B/Y
  • Watts: 18W/24W/30W/35W
  • Voltage: AC/DC12V
  • IP grade: IP68
Specifications of Glass LED PAR56 Pool Bulb:

Item No    Wattage   LED Type   Voltage   Material   Weight   Lumen
  RF-PAR56-252     18W  SMD2835      AC 12V/24V    Thick
  1kg   1800lm
RF-PAR56-333     24W  SMD2835     AC 12V/24V ThicK glass         1.1kg   2100lm
RF-PAR56-450     35W  SMD2835      AC 12V/24V Thick glass        1.1kg   2800lm
RF-PAR56-120RGBW    35W SMD5050      AC 12V/24V Thick glass  1.1kg  
  LED Color  Single color: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Warm White (2700-3000K), Neutral White (4000-4500K), Pure White (6000-6500K)
 RGB /RGBW Color: inner controlled, remote controlled, Switch on/off      controlled
Material of PAR56  Housing for options:   Thick Glass, Anti-UV PC , 316L Stainless steel

Competitive Advantage of Glass LED PAR56 Pool Bulb :

1.Constant current driver ensures the lamps stablility and over-heat control function to guarrante the lamps long  lifespan

2, Perfect glue seal production process makes the lamp totally waterproof .
3. 16 programs with full spectrum rich colors: RGB and mono color (warm white, white, cool white, red, blue, green, yellow) make our pool lights ideal replacements of the halogen bulb  
4. Different control ways for choosing makes your operation easier and convenient .
5. Super brightness LEDs, save energy 80% than incandescent bulb, .
6. No UV, low consumption, energy saving and environmental protecting.

7. Certificate: CE, ROHS, IP68.

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